Spare a moment


Dandelion, is my father going to be bald?

This week I decided to spare a moment going back to a wonderful childhood memory.¬†There’s a Portuguese belief and a game that we play when we are children and it goes like this. You will need two players at least. First,¬†one of the players asks: “Is your father going to be bald?” Then he blows with one breath the dandelion’s seeds and they both wait for the answer. Well, if all the seeds fly on, you know your father is going to be bald. Then they switch. These are moments of pure expectation and laughter. I still play it with my kids.

I know there are different beliefs about the power of dandelion’s seeds. Would you like to share any thoughts on this? I would love to read them! I’ve read that if you blow all the seeds with one big breath you will find your true love and the dandelion seeds will carry your thoughts to a loved one.