Oh tangerine, oh tangerine




Peaches, pears, oranges,
strawberries, cherries, figs,
apples, melon, watermelon,
oh, music of my senses,
pure pleasure of the tongue;
let me speak now
of a fruit that fascinates me,
with the flavour, with the hues,
with the fragrance of its syllables:
oh tangerine, oh tangerine.


Pêssegos, peras, laranjas,
morangos, cerejas, figos,
maçãs, melão, melancia,
ó música de meus sentidos,
pura delícia da língua;
deixai-me agora falar
do fruto que me fascina,
pelo sabor, pela cor,
pelo aroma das sílabas:
tangerina, tangerina.

Eugénio de Andrade, Portuguese poet (1923-2005)

State of mind



Yes, this one of my favourite states of mind – even though I love every season. I can’t stop smiling when I look at this photo (can you spot my son’s hand on the right of the bench?). It is a tough walk to get to this beach and imagine if you are carrying some summer stuff with you. At this point we were enjoying the view and resting before we continue our walk down to heaven. This Portuguese (still)  hidden beach is called Odeceixe!



This is what you get if you dare to go down the cliff path! I think it’s worth it, don’t you?


State of mind

Life imitates art



Welcome to my city: Porto (Oporto) in Portugal! These are two pictures I took a few years ago during Christmas Time. I decided to play with the Christmas street lights and this was the result.  Which one do you prefer?

Life imitates art