Oh tangerine, oh tangerine




Peaches, pears, oranges,
strawberries, cherries, figs,
apples, melon, watermelon,
oh, music of my senses,
pure pleasure of the tongue;
let me speak now
of a fruit that fascinates me,
with the flavour, with the hues,
with the fragrance of its syllables:
oh tangerine, oh tangerine.


Pêssegos, peras, laranjas,
morangos, cerejas, figos,
maçãs, melão, melancia,
ó música de meus sentidos,
pura delícia da língua;
deixai-me agora falar
do fruto que me fascina,
pelo sabor, pela cor,
pelo aroma das sílabas:
tangerina, tangerina.

Eugénio de Andrade, Portuguese poet (1923-2005)

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